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Secure Software Development: Cryptography


This scenario is designed to enhance a user’s skills and knowledge on encrypting software and making online applications secure.

On successful completion of the scenario, students will be able to:

  1. Identify and justify the selection of appropriate encryption methods to secure stored sensitive data.
  2. Explain the relative strengths of encryption algorithms and the types of attack possibilities.
  3. Explain good practices in relation to key management.
  4. Minimising the risk to an asset or product through the use of off the shelf encryption software.
  5. Explain the requirements for appropriate standards and practices.

This page provides the resources for students to be able to complete the scenario as members of a small team facilitated by a tutor. The resources consist of an introductory video together with documents detailing the PBL problem statement, tasks and links to other materials that learners are expected to use to complete the tasks.

A facilitator guide and CSKE Guide to PBL provide additional information for tutors. The materials are modular, and the source is available so that they can be customized to other contexts, for example as part of an online course.

Once you have logged in or registered, you can access the full PBL documentation, including:

  • The CSKE PBL Learning Guide,
  • An Interactive Scenario Guide,
  • The Senario and Learning Resouces, and
  • Links to additional resouces.
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